The 50 States Project

Above: Habitat; Michigan, Peter Baker
From the 50 States Project:
"The 50 States Project has brought together 50 photographers from across the USA.
Each photographer lives in one of the 50 States and during the year long project each photographer will represent the State where they currently live. Every two months each photographer will be sent an assignment by e-mail, they then have two months to produce one image in response. The images must represent both their style and their State. On 1st May 2009 all the images for the second assignment 'Habitat' were submitted by the 50 photographers and published on the site. The first assignment, "People", was sent on 2nd January 2009. The second, "Habitat", was sent on 1st March 2009. The third, "Landscape", on 1st May. The remaining 3 assignments will be announced on 1st July, 1st September and 1st November 2009 respectively. By the end of the project there will be 300 images which hopefully represent the talent of the photographers involved and have something to say about the USA today."

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