Historical Anatomical Prints

Gautier d'Agoty, Jacques Fabian. Anatomie generale des viscères en situation, de grandeur et couleur naturelle, avec l'angeologie, et la nevrologie de chaque partie du corps humain.

Jacques Gautier d'Agoty was born in Marseilles in about 1717 and was trained as a printmaker under the noted Jacob Christoph Le Blon (1670-1741). Le Blon, originally from Frankfurt-am-Main, was the first to use colored mezzotinting, which involved making three different impressions (with blue, yellow, and red inks) using copperplates. Gautier d'Agoty associated himself with surgeon Jacques-François-Marie Duverney (1661-1748) and together the two produced a number of large, colorful anatomical atlases, which were noted more for their style and sometimes their shocking appearance than their usefulness to physicians.

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Quain: The anatomy of the arteries of the human body, with its applications to pathology and operative surgery. 1800-1887

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